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Mile High Spice Company™ is passionate about hand-crafting precise flavor combinations to formulate the best spices and rubs for beef, pork, chicken, seafood, and vegetables.  We’ve collaborated with some of the world’s greatest chefs and pitmasters to hone the perfect blend of each of our craft rubs.  Each spice is uniquely sourced to please the most discerning palate but oh-so-easy to use.  Simply sprinkle and cook for the perfect, low-and-slow stubborn flavor, every time.  We believe variety is the spice of life and remind you to live bold.



Choose from one of our 3 most popular gift boxes:

  • BBQ – Includes Brisket, Pork, Poultry, and Mojo blends.
  • International – Includes Jamaican Jerk, Moroccan, Peruvian, and Greek blends.
  • Grillers – Includes Steak and Burger, Seafood, MiHiTri, and Taco Tuesday blends.

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It’s your mouth so you decide which flavors you want to put in there.  Pick two Steak and Burger Rubs and one Seafood Seasoning.  How about one Mojo Rub, one Pork Rub, and one Brisket Rub?  Maybe one Brine, one Jamaican Jerk, and one MiHiPi Pumpkin.  What the heck, order one of each!  Whatever your heart (and tongue) desires.  It’s your life, make it delicious. 😋

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All blends from Mile High Spice Company feature ingredients that are USDA-certified organic, verified gluten-free by the Gluten-Free Certification Organization, and prepared exclusively in the state of Colorado with the stamp of approval from the Colorado Department of Agriculture.

Still not convinced? Check out these reasons why Mile High Spice Company is the only way to go.

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