Look, we’ve all been to that Thanksgiving with a dry Turkey. That Aunt or mother-in-law who thinks she makes the best turkey, but no one has the heart to tell her the truth. So, we suffer chewing it and drink a gallon of water while trying.

I brine those “dryer” types of proteins. Chicken, pork, and the oh so delicious Thanksgiving turkey! A brine is generally salt and water, you soak your protein in it overnight. It helps breakdown the muscle fibers while adding a flavor. It creates a juicier, better-flavored bird!

“But the Turkey is too big! It won’t fit in my refrigerator!” Yup, that’s a common problem. My solution? A cooler! I line a cooler with a trash bag, add the brine, turkey, and ice, and store it in my garage or on the patio. I’ve been doing it this way for years and it works great!

Mile High Spice Company developed this brine recipe, with salt, pepper, spices, and hints of citrus to help you for the holidays, or everyday cooking.

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