Which Smoker Wood Should I Use?

Is all wood created equal? The easy answer is yes, it all used to be a tree and, under the right circumstances, it will all burn. But, when it comes to smoking meat, they are quite different. So, which smoker wood should I use?

Dry Hardwoods –

Dry hardwoods are great for smoking. Oak, mesquite, pecan, and hickory being some of the more popular varieties. my favorite to use is oak. You should base the kind of wood you use on should on what you are cooking.

mesquite smoking wood
Mesquite Chunks

Fruit Woods –

Smoking with fruit woods such as apple, peach, or cherry can add some subtle flavoring. Fruit woods are best on more delicate meats such as fish, chicken or pork. I would not recommend using them to smoke beef or larger cuts of pork. The flavor tends to get lost and these woods are more expensive.

Sweet Cherry Wood

All varieties come in logs, sticks, chunks, chips, and pellets. Try mixing a variety of woods until you find a flavor profile that you and your family and friends enjoy. The best part of this hobby is having fun! Experiment with different flavors and cuts of meat and enjoy the smoke. So, I guess the answer to “Which smoker Wood should I use?” is…all of them. 😉

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